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Friday, February 8, 2008


I have always been finding solace in the beach. I love to take long and quiet strolls even before the sun is up and i just love to do it again and again.
Lately, I havent got the time to do so, I just love to have long quiet strolls with the waves crashing into my feet just to clear my head. To breathe and to reminisce. I dont ever want to forget but i am afraid i will do so.
Pic: Glan, Gumasa - Feb 07

Clutters in my closet

Haven’t got the time to make some updates on my blog.
Recently, I have decided to shy away from the world or shall I say, I needed some quiet time of my own. I needed courage and I wanted it badly! Things are not always what you wanted them to be. People are people and at times, they disappoint you (one way or another). You get hurt and you, in turn, may have hurt someone!

It’s just sad that it has to come to this point. For now, I guess it’s better to keep all these to my self. In the end, the pain is too much to bear and taking my chance is something I cannot do! I guess, I am a coward but in all honesty, I just want my old self back again…


This has been my nth account. I have been constanly absent minded these days that i keep losing stuff and even important passwords and acct info to some of my email / blog accounts.

Hopefully, I will remember this one.