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Thursday, December 2, 2010


This day has just been disastrous for me. It's just one whole SUCK BIG TIME DAY for me! When all else fail, i just retreat to my own Jenny's world where no one and i mean no one is there to bother me.
I just cannot get things straight today. Everyting is a mess and everything just feels awful!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Finally got my own pair of Suelas and I love it!
It's a girl thing, i know but who would have thought that i have this Imelda streak in me. Im starting to go loco over SHOES particularly comfy flats.

In cloud 9!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Just the love this song. I guess it's one of the BEST well kept songs for 2010!

Terrified by Katharine Mcphee

You, by the light
Is the greatest find
In a world full of wrong
You're the thing that's right

Finally made it through the lonely
To the other side

You set it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark

And I'm in love
And I'm terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only life

And this could be good
It's already better than that
And nothing's worse
Than knowing you're holding back

I could be all that you need
If you let me try

You set it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark

And I'm in love
And I'm terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only

I only said it 'cause I mean it
I only mean 'cause it's true
So don't you doubt what I've been dreaming
'Cause it fills me up and holds me close whenever I'm without you

You set it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark

And I'm in love
And I'm terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only

The Only Exception

When I was younger, I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart and I watched
As he tried to reassemble it

And my momma swore that
She would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love if it does not exist

But darling, you are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

Maybe I know, somewhere deep in my soul
That love never lasts
And we've got to find other ways to make it alone
Or keep a straight face

And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance
And up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk

But you are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

I've got a tight grip on reality
But I can't let go of what's in front of me here
I know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up
Leave me with some kind of proof, it's not a dream, oh

You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

And I'm on my way to believing
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing

Monday, September 6, 2010

We are worth it!

the first of the many beautiful things to come

things are in the total opposites of me. im more of the traditionalist yet what seems to be happening in my life are the total opposites.
im more of a conformist. i try to be just the plain old jane yet im drawn to things that are just out of the ordinary. my head can get a bit distracted at times. and my heart, a bit unstable and wreckless.
i say this and that but its entirely a different story in my head. everyday is a struggle to be good at something. everyday is an opportunity to make things happen. and today, i took the challenge. i made things happen. i've commited myself to what i think is promising and something worth all these, inspite the distance, time difference, experiences and just the daily routines that we have to go through, we are worth it. we are worth something!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SKIM 101

get in over your head!

"The point being, sometimes you have to get in over your head to realize that you’re not really in over your head at all. Two years ago, I got a job that I desperately wanted but had no idea how to do. So I took it, endured several panic attacks, and eventually learned the ropes. My choices were either figure it out or get fired. The bottom line: Most of the time, a high-risk situation won’t kill you, because you are stronger than you think. And it’s never a bad thing to be reminded of that".

by: Amy Ozols (a cultural commentator and writer for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Kiss of 2010

Eight months have passed since 2010 knocked on our doorstep. I have promised myself that I should have an annual To-Do List but unfortunately for 2010, it came later than expected.

Since I have a few months (4 months to be exact) before I kiss 2010 goodbye, I’d like to make a LIST of a few things that I have to achieve within the year. It should be something that is new, exciting and a daredevil stunt for me since im up for challenges these days.

Here’s a few of my To-Do List for the remaining 4 months of 2010

Davao Sights

  1. Must visit Villa de Mercedes (VDM) and Emar’s Wave Pool for total R n’ R
  2. Must try crazy, wild ZORBING at Zorb Park at Riverfront Corporate City
  3. Commit to a healthier lifestyle (Fruits, Veggies, Vitamins and Exercise)
  4. Organize some get together parties or meet-ups with Buddies
  5. Get my hair done (Hair Treatments in a major, major way)
  6. Wild Water Rafting c/o The Davao Wildwater Adventure
  7. Paintball at RECALL Paintball Davao- Matina Townsquare
  8. Invade and Discover new Restos and food shops
  9. Try acupressure or if bolder, acupuncture
  10. Try SAUNA or Jacuzzi the Davao way!
  11. Marco Polo Buffet (Must Dig in!)
  12. More Quality Time with La Familia
  13. Learn new hobbies / skills
  14. Playtime with Riel
  15. Do things for a CAUSE / Reconnect with TiES
Setting my aims higher, I’d like to do the ff:
  1. To visit (for the nth time) my dearest Queen City of the South, Cebu (Seyboooo, Baby!)
  2. Discover new places in Cebu and Bohol (Places that I haven’t been to so far)
  3. Be more attentive during School discussions and to invest in my STUDY TIME
  4. Get hold of another Forever 21 Items to add to my F21 Fever Collection
  5. Get a pair of SUELAS Ballet Flats by hook or by crook!
  6. New Bling-Blings (Chandelier Earrings and more)
  7. Go Kart in Cebu with the Apas Babes
  8. Go Island Hopping, the Visayas style
  9. Whale/Dolphin watching
  10. SAVE, SAVE and SAVE some more!
  11. My 2010 has just gotten more interesting.
It was more than what I expected the year to be. With that, here are the latest things that I got to do over the past months. A look back on my January to August 2010 Highlights.
  1. New Challenging Work
  2. Manila Workshop which meant Strolling in the Metro
  3. Chelsea in Serendra (Exceptional Food!)
  4. SINGAPORE Adventure with Buddies
  5. Merlion, SENTOSA, Singapore ZOO, Orchard Road, Clark Quay Strolling, Hot cars and more Singapore Sights - Highs
  6. Universal Studio Singapore and Singapore Airport Incident - Lows
  7. Kayak Lesson Part 2 c/o Hayahay, IGACOS
  8. Ninang Mode times two (Kitty Kat and Lot2)
  9. Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Trip
  10. Mallberry Suites
  11. April - Bday Surprise Bash – Cakes and Balloons from Itchy Feet Group
  12. Amore
  13. Flower Lady Mode at Tin and Otep’s Wedding
  14. Dancing Mode (our surprise gift to the Couple)
  15. New Beach Trip – Tagbaobo at IGACOS with ONB Buddies
  16. Manila – Baguio Trip (Amazing Race way!) – Sweet Escape
  17. More Dinner out with La Familia
  18. Pig out nights and Movie Dates
  19. Tanton for Quick Fixes
  20. More Night outs and Escapades with Buddies

Looking forward to the 34th Milo Marathon and Mati Trip over the weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hopped on and off

My groupies and I were suppose to enjoy a total R & R in the country's Last Frontier, Palawan last July 10 to 18. But due to conflicting work schedules, we were forced to cancel this highly anticipated trip of the year.

Seeing that we needed a bit of a shorter Vacation, we decided to avail of promo tickets on a different travel dates instead. So from exotic Palawan, we set our sights in conquering the higlands of the City of Pines.

July 15, we arrived in Manila on the last flight of Ceb Pac and headed off to Victory Liners where we purchased our De Luxe tickets for our 1.15am schedule for Baguio. The bus had reclining seats (which was super comfortable) and after settling in and taking some souvenir snaps, we dozzed off easily. The next thing we knew, we had a quick stop at Tarlac and it was around 5.00 in the morning when I knew we were fast approaching the city of Pines. The view was amazing and there's no denying that excitement crept in! It was such a sight to behold!

What was good about our trip is that we had a designated tour guide and so, it was more convenient. It was a fun-filled yet tiring experience since we only got the whole day to see Baguio in an Amazing-Race kinda way. We took hundreds of Photos and in all different angles to keep track of our Adventures. Seeing and experiencing Baguio in a Day proved to be a challenge to us. It was another accomplishment to add to our List of Travels and Adventures, our so called "Brag List".

At around 6pm, we decided to head back to the Bus Station to catch the 1.15am trip back to Manila. We wasted no time to check out SM Baguio which by the way was on a super SALE mode that weekend. We did enjoy our window-shopping and people-watching activties the Baguio way! We immersed ourselves the Baguio way!

July 17, (Saturday) was spent at Greenhills for some thrift shopping. I am convinced that our haggling skills were truly impressive once the "S" word come into discussion. We've proven that we love to haggle and adore bargains.

MOA posted another challenge since goodies/items were literally on SALE. Talk about freebies! We shopped til' we dropped!We were determined to scout great finds and so none of us came home empty handed.

We went back to the hotel at around 10.30PM. Sadly, no night life for us since it was drizzling in the metro. Boohooo!

July 18- Sunday morning was spent (again) at MOA for our last minute shopping spree. We had to impose a strict observance of our timetable since our flight back to Davao was around 2PM. At 12 noon, it was our resolution that we have to head back to the hotel to get our luggages and proceed to NAIA Terminal 3.

4PM - finally, we are Home, sweet Home!

And so with our Short but Sweet Adventure, we literally hopped on and hopped off from one destination to another!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's around 12.17 am yet here i am, still up. I just want to scribble my thoughts before they leave me.
Find the crack.
Putting meaning into something that is meaningless.
A slow day.
Let's go to work.
Alternate Universe.
Three Minutes.
I'm trying here.
Tell me what you saw - even small things could be important.
Risk Assessment.
No more than the usual.
Who the hell is jackson?
We have to make a choice.
and then there was a thud.. a hush.

NOTE: I'd hope that i can still find a bit of connections/meanings from all of these

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riel at 2 (and still growing!)

Such an Emotero at a young age!

My Adorable Nephew at his BEST!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Somethin' Missing

Workload has been piling up and there's no denying that it is going to be a helluva busy 2010. It should be an exciting year in terms of work opportunities but i feel that there is something missing and I just can't seem to put words into it. It feels like my work days are becoming more and more weary. unproductiveness. restlessness. boredome. idle moments. dull moments. I need to recharge. I need to reconnect.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

singapura shutters

Night life

Trying to cool off at Singapore Zoo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


MRT Ride to Clark Quay


The Singapore trip was more than enough for me. It was something i needed to do so I can finally say, that i've moved on and everything else is in the Past.

As I was saying goodbye to the Past, I had to make the hardest decision of putting an end into something that could have been beautiful. I had to do it now before my strength leaves me completely... I had to finally say it's time to put an end to something that could have made me happy... happier!
You've asked me time and again, "Why?" but the only reason I could give you is that - it's all for the best and that it's a long story. I know how cruel these statements were but its really harder to explain this all to you, right now. At this time, I'm still lost and how I wish I had the courage to acknowledge what was happening to me and to "us" when things where much simplier.

That one phone call I had to make was one of the hardest things I had to do. All the signs I have been waiting for fell before my very eyes and I could have fooled myself that it was merely chances that i stumbled upon these signs. When I called you up, it was something i dreaded the most. I heard my voice tremble and my hands were shaking involuntarily. It was pretty big for me and that it's harder to have "this" when all things are uncertain. My not so fortunate experiences proved to me to that im a certified RISK AVERSE and not to mention, COWARD. I am sorry that it has come this point. I know I haven't given you ENOUGH reasons for my action. And for that, I am sorry. No matter how many times I apologize, I know that all you ever needed to hear was the TRUTH. But what is the Truth? and are you ever ready to hear the Truth from me?

Let me stay this way for awhile. Let me sulk in my misery and when I'm ready, I will tell you the TRUTH. I am so sorry that this had to happen to you - to us.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

another Hit!

I am on a countdown mode these days. My grouppies and I can barely contain the excitement for our first international travel for the year. Although Gracey and I had our HK experience way back 2007, this time, we grew in numbers (there is 5 of us now traveling) and that means 5 times the fun! Just the thought of seeing the Merlions, Esplanade, Cable cars and just by the mere mention of Singapore make me wanna scream and shout in a good way!

Hopefully, it will be as exciting as we all hoped it would be. I have always wanted to visit Singapore and this is my chance to explore the country. And so, i'll be counting the days til' at last I can live it up in Singapore

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recollection on the last remaining 2009 days

The Holiday break was really a good ole break for me. I spent my nearly one week break with the family. It was a nice feeling to have Ate and Bro back home. We did our usual bonding which was to have our food delivered and munch on them while watching movies. Also, my sister got me hooked on a 2 player game on her Iphone and so it became our past time.

The holiday rush was fastly become normal for us, we went to Malls and haggled on the mark down items as quickly as we could. As we say "fastest fingers first" policy. We strolled and strolled until our feet became numb and legs worn out. All these are my precious memories of the last remaining days of 2009.
Since, I was on a full Holiday vacation mode, I finally got the time to re-read Paulo Coelho's "by the River Piedra I sat down and wept", which made me sob so hard (again!). It was a good book and i never get tired of reading it, over and over again. It spoke about the universal truth about LOVE.

I also got hooked on BONES (series) and I happen to finish all seasons 1 to 5 in 6 days. The sleeping hours i got on my vacations was a minimum of 4 hours per day since i usually slept in the wee hours of the morning.
The feast, the family time, the oh-so many Reunions, Christmas and New Year Shopping Rush, the gift giving and all the festive mood were all too PRECIOUS for me.

But 2010 is here and I'm ready to hit the town!
Cheers 2009, Hello 2010!

Roller coaster ride

Another year has gone by and yet there are so many things that was left undone.

2009 was a year that made me rethink all of my ideals, my stand. It was a year wherein there were lots of endings and promising beginnings. It was one heck of a roller coaster ride.

Looking at it another person's point of view, I should have seen it coming. History has been repeating itself, time and again. I should have seen the signs but i guess i was sidetracked for a bit there. I got carried away and I allowed myself to get carried away by thoughtless and irrational emotions. I should do better the next time. I should and I will.