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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i got em' memorized!

Today, i am convinced that i am a walking contradiction. I know for a fact that there are bad days and definitely, there are good ones.

I feel like there isn't enough time and so i want to do things by the book. I am a creature of habit and it is really difficult for me to break away from my routines.

I would rather stay on the safe side than to explore the unexplored. It has its adavantages since i work well with routines.

At times, i wish that i would be bolder and that "courage" would be one of those traits that i would love to acquire. In the near future, i would love to say that i have ended all my lingering "What ifs" and "Could have beens". In the coming days, months, i will be reinvented - a better and a much improved "ME" for the year 2012.

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